Day 3: logging in, then problems posting in the blog

Accidentally logged out of the account, but thankfully my computer had remembered my password. Later I found a scrap of paper with the password scribbled down… Needless to say I’m not the most organised of people.

….just tried to post this, but keep getting the message “publishing of post failed”. No idea why. Will keep trying and will advise as to the cause of the problem once it has been resolved.

………..30 mins later: STILL TRYING TO PUBLISH THIS! I’m baffled: I’m doing exactly what I’ve done previously, but now it isn’t working. Maybe it has something to do with having been accidentally logged out??

……………..45 mins later. Copied the above text, then went wandernig around the site. Not sure where I ended but hopefully I’ll find it again: a menu that had lots of settings that could be changed, giving you options re things such as being notified when someone likes a post etc etc. Bottom line though: still trying to figure out why I can’t post in my blog! This time I am going to hit preview before I hit publish, as I haven’t been doing that today. If this posts with no more additions to it then that is what the problem has been: ie there must be a setting somewhere requiring me to always preview.


moral of the story: always preview before publishing??

buggar me, it finally posted the previous blog post! Surely it can’t simply have been that I didn’t preview?

That’s all from me today….that did my head in!

Heading off on holiday tomorrow so will only be publishing using an ipad and/or mobile phone, using free wifi. So, if there are no more posts for a week or so, I’m clearly having problems!!

time management

So, it’s day two of what is turning out to be a very steep learning curve. The ads all say that your site will be up and running in minutes, and this was true: it took about 20 mins to register it etc…but since then I’ve probably been banging around for about 6 hours now and it looks chaotic, disorganised, and I still have a picture I desperatley want to change and can’t. If this was my ‘real’ webite I’d be very unhappy – not just at the slow progress, but with a growing dissatisfaction with the product overall. It is making me think very carefully about the type of template I will need in the future.

Any advice will be gratefully recieved. And yes…I’ve read many blogs on how to blog, and they all make it sound so easy! They tend to concentrate on content rather than how to upload images, or create sensible menus, or add links (haven’t even got to links etc yet, and I’m already quaking in my boots at the thought!)


added sites to my ‘reader’list

Not sure if this ‘reader’ will turn out to be a useful feature or not. The reader feature allows you to follow other blogs and websites, and view each post as it is published.

As I’m not actually following any sites I typed in “fibroids”, as I know this is a popular blog topic. Sure enough, dozens of sites were listed, and I licked on half a dozen or so to follow.

….Still looking for the page I added some time ago featuring a drawing of a magpie landing on a camel’s back. When I click on “pages” I can see it, but I can’t see it on the website otherwise, which leads me to think that no-one else can see it either. What is the point of having separate pages if they can’t be viewed? Am I missing something?? Help!